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Setup Navigation Menus

Swift supports three menus.

  • Top Navigation menu is located above the logo/site name, Ideal for adding pages like, About, contact, advertise, archives.
  • Bottom Navigation menu is located below the logo/site name, Ideal for adding categories.
  • Footer links are located to the left in the first line of the footer, ideal for adding contact us,about, privacy policy, disclaimer etc..

Creating Menus

Follow these steps to create navigation menu for your site:

  1. From the Appearance menu on the left-hand side of the Dashboard select the Menus option to bring up the menu editor. You should see something like the screenshot below in your browser window
    Menu 1.png
  2. Enter a name for your new menu in the Menu Name box then click the Create Menu button. You can name them whatever you want.
    Menu 2.png

Adding items to Menus

Once you have created the menu you can start adding items to your Menu. In the left-hand corner of the menu editor screen, you should see a sub-menu titled Pages In this sub-menu, click the View All link. This will bring up a list of all the pages that are currently published on your site/blog.

  1. Select the pages you want to add to your menu by clicking the checkbox to the left of each item’s title. In this example, the Home, About, Another New Page, Child Page 1, Child Page 2, and Level 1 Pages will be used.
  2. When you have selected the pages you want to include, click the Add to Menu button in the bottom right-hand corner. You should now see a series of boxes, with the page titles of the items you added in the previous step on the left-hand side of each box.
  3. Click the Save Menu button to save the changes.
    Menu 3.png

Note: Similarly you can now also add Categories to Menu instead of Pages by selecting Categories from the sub-menu.

Deleting menu items

  1. Select the corresponding menu item box in the right-hand corner of the menu editor window and left-click on the arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of it. The menu item box should then expand and the options you need to edit should be visible. See the screenshot below for an example:
  2. Click on the Remove link in the bottom left-hand corner. The menu item box for the menu item you deleted should no longer be displayed.
  3. Click the Save Menu button to save the changes you have made.
    Menu 4.png

Multi level Menus ( Drop Downs)

  1. Position the mouse over the menu item box for Child Page 1. While holding the left mouse button, drag it to the right then release the mouse button.
  2. Repeat the above step for Child Page 2 and make sure that Child Page 1 and Child Page 2 are both indented the same distance from the left. Your menu should now look like the one the screenshot below:
  3. Click the Save Menu button to save the changes. Your new menu, with the structure described in the example, should now be created.
    Menu 5.png

Note: In the above instructions Child Page 1 and Child Page 2 are used for example purpose only your site would have a different menu item, that you created.