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    Rogger Shaw

    Hi Satish,

    Hope you are fine and enjoying good health. I am using swift from around an year and therefore, pointing out some suggestions that will boost the theme in speed as well as in Market

    1. Setup up Above the Fold CSS automatically by the theme (Must be done, and there are no theme offering this in the market)
    2. Jquery must be loaded at the footer with no conflicts for avoiding render blocking js.
    3. Addition of Fonts Like Lato etc…
    4. Social Sharing Buttons should load on hover rather than on page refresh.
    5. Build in Fonts should load locally. or at least there is a choice to load them locally like font awesome.
    6. Very Important…..Remove Unused CSS selectors on the basis of whether users are using that or not. Forexample, Flex is not used by me…There should be an option to delete that css.
    7. Page Templates like About, Team, Etc…
    8. Different LAyouts..One that is very famous for woo sites are option to add a search box between logo and social icons in the header. Must be done.
    9. Continuous Development in terms of Speed as Swift focused on Speed.
    10. Tutorials Section for Custom Post types in Swift etc..

    Hope you will find these suggestions useful and add them in your to-do list.



    Satish Gandham

    1. I tried before, but it did not come out as expected. Will try again.
    2. jQuery is loaded in the footer by default.
    3. All the google fonts are already included. Are you asking for a pre-built stack with lato?
    4. On page load should be good. On hover might not be sufficiently fast for a lot of users.
    5. That’s not gonna happen. We may add a lot of font stacks, including all of them in the theme won’t be feasible.
    6. Yes, we are slowly getting there.
    7. Will see.
    8. Will look into it.

    We hired a couple of people to write tutorials, let me know the tutorials you would like to see.


    Rogger Shaw

    Thanks for your output.
    1. Much Appreciated if it can be done.
    2. I don’t know why Jquery is loading in the header while using 3 columns hybrid template.
    3. Yes, I am asking for a pre-build Stack of Lato along with local loading of fonts.
    4. Why not add an option. On Page load Google Speed may decrease, but on hover it might only have little effect on user experience. And please one more suggestion, add simple buttons that should not use any scripts for loading….i mean something really simple for sharing without effecting speed…like simple share urls.
    5. Atleast Add 3 Basic Font Stacks to load Locally, 1. Open Sans, Lato, and any one generally used. Other than i can completely understand your point.
    6. Great.
    7. Great
    8. The one that i mentioned is a good start from… A search box between logo and social icons. Hopefully it will be appreciated in the market.

    I am looking forward tutorials for how to make a specific category template, speed, hooks, Infact all hooks explained with a link to each hook with an example, creating a page template in swift. Teaching how swift theme works..etc…

    Also please tell me what is swift.js for? Does it for scrolling or anything else. I want to disable it if it’s not being used by me after your confirmation of what is it for?


    Rogger Shaw

    I am also facing an issue while selecting the right sidebar…The content moves to the right. I corrected it via Simple CSS but why is it soo? One more request for a tutorial of how can we increase or decrease a width of a page like you did with one template 85%. I want 40%. Thanks

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