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    Hi, I just purchased the swift template today and am having an issue with the slider. I have selected to use the magazine template on the home page and have enabled the slider with the Full Width option. The thumbnails are showing up but the larger images are not working and there is no sliding going on.

    Please help!

    Also, is there a way that I can remove the thumbnails and just have the images show up and link to an external page?

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    I was under the impression that under “Live Support” in my back office that this quote was true”…all your questions on the forum are answered within 12 hours,…” While I am a patient person, the home page to my website isn’t working. I was hoping someone would help me now that it is 3 days later from my initial inquiry. To recap the slider isn’t working please help.

    Thank you in advance,



    Satish Gandham

    Sorry, I missed your question.

    I see that the slider is working..
    Are you still having problems



    Why is my site running so slow? It takes 8-13 seconds to load the home page. I purposefully chose your theme for the speed and it is running slower than my initial wordpress theme. I have several sites which have much more content including videos and pictures that load under 2 seconds. Your help with this would be greatly appreciated.



    Satish Gandham

    Yeah, I noticed that. Your site is very slow.

    Where are you hosting?

    Get rid of unnecessary plugins, javascript codes and check.


    I am hosted at godaddy and I have the minimal amount of plugins possible for my site which is only 6 and 1 inactive one.


    Satish Gandham

    are you hosting any other sites on that account?

    Switch to the default theme and check your site speed, if its still slow then its definitely the hosting.

    Godaddy’s hosting is the worst I have seen till date, they have the worst UI for the backend.

    I recommend HostGator
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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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