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    I’ve been slowly but surely transferring my old html site over to WordPress using the SwiftTheme magazine layout:

    Native American History, Art & Culture @ LostWorlds.org

    The site is devoted to the ancient Native American civilizations in the U.S. and Mexico. It features articles with streaming video mini-documentaries about each site, 3D computer reconstructions of each site, Quicktime VR virtual tours of each site, and image galleries of artifacts found at each site.




    it looks neat and I love the top navigation bar. the color scheme is also very relaxing.


    Wally Brown

    Great job, the colors are great, and I love the layout. Nice!


    Jym Tarrant

    Love the Earthiness of the overall appearance, and your content looks very interesting!

    I found the magazine arrangement of posts on your homepages a little disturbing because they’re staggered, not equal in length. I’m new to Swift today so I have no idea how or if you can change it but in my opinion it would be gentler and easier on the eye if each box were the same size.

    Nice work, best of luck



    Can I suggest that you swap the default swift logo on your posts to your own lost worlds one. I believe it is as simple as replacing the default.jpg image on your server. This would then be placed on any posts that you do not have an image uploaded for.



    Terry Yuen

    Hey LostWorlds I am very impressed with this site, I often wonder how to redo my site to look this awesome.


    Gautam Saha

    Really awesome migration from HTML site to Swift…. Great job!
    I also, concur with jymtarrant,… better if the boxes are of same size… can we control that? or is it fluid design?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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