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    Pablo Mandado

    How do you get the social buttons to show on the mobile version? Is it possible to show them when using Swift Modern?

    I think that’s the last question I have. I didn’t have the time to update the theme for a few months. 😉


    Pablo Mandado

    I try to go into detail with my problem.

    Using only Swift Premium:
    If I select in What to show on the right of below logo navigation / header of SwiftModern the social media links and search, which is what i want, then on mobile I have a 2 lines menu bar with search in the second bar, not the button of search but the whole space to write like in the desktop.

    Using Swift Modern:
    The social icons don’t appear anywhere no matter what, just the icon of search.
    I understand there would not be space left on Swift modern for it, but they don’t appear on the menu list on top either. Sometimes it appears, but when I reload they are gone again. Maybe some bug.
    Besides that, they are not colourful, just the old design.


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    Satish Gandham

    1. They automatically show up on mobile.
    When using swift modern, they are in the side menu.
    2. You don’t need button on mobiles, keyboard has the go button.
    3. Check the side menu. There is no top navigation in modern.


    Pablo Mandado

    2. What I mean is it doesn’t fit all in one line (4 social media plus search box) and the bar takes 2 lines.

    3. It isn’t there, at least not when I check:


    Satish Gandham

    2. Screenshot please
    3. I see the problem, will check it.


    Pablo Mandado

    2. I am just leaving now, again on the road. I will set that up in the troublesome configuration and take an screenshot when I get back.

    3. On I set up the same configuration and the social buttons show up on over the menu list. In it doesn’t. Weird.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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