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    Ishbel Taromsari

    Hey so I want to improve the look of my category pages.

    I took a couple of screen shots but the upload button is not working for me on this and I am unable to copy and post photos directly.

    Firstly I don’t want the title to show on category page:

    Archives; for (name of category)

    At the moment any writing do on categories page has a blue background box – is there a way to not have a colour box behind writing on category page?

    Also can you do this on Swift theme for category pages? (copied from wordpress docs)

    Display Images Linking to Full Posts
    Another thing that is interesting to do in a category archive page is to replace the post content with an image that links to your post. To do this, you will first need to put images into the Excerpt sections of your posts. Here’s how to do that, for one post:

    Upload an image on the post editing screen.
    Switch to the “Code” editor, rather than the “Visual” editor.
    Use the Uploads / Browse tab to insert the image into your post. Make sure to insert the full-sized image, with no link.
    Copy the inserted HTML img tag, and paste it into the “Optional Excerpt” section of the post editing screen.
    Finish writing the post content (you can remove the image), and publish the post.
    Now you will need to modify your template. We’ll use a trick: the the_excerpt_rss() Template Tag does not put a paragraph tag around the excerpt. So we can use it to insert the img HTML and put it inside a link. Here’s what you need to put into your Template, in place of using the_content:

    <?php the_excerpt_rss(); ?>

    Caveat: using the excerpt this way may affect your RSS feed, because it places an img tag in the excerpt, instead of text. So if you are going to do this, you probably want to set your options so that the full posts are put in RSS feeds, rather than excerpts.

    Thanks so much Satish – for a tremendous theme and tremendous customer service.



    Satish Gandham

    Add this to user CSS
    .category .author-info{display:none}

    Use magazine layout for archives page.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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