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    Pablo Mandado


    I have been building a new website using the Page Builder plugin you recommended and integrated.

    I am having an issue with the responsive slider of SiteOrigin in the pages I builded.

    When the animation runs and a new image loads, the text under the image goes up and down, making it uncomfortable for the reader, specially if they are down reading the text and they don’t even see the image any more.

    Is there any way to correct that?

    I tried all combination of settings on the slider, full width and full width stretched. It didn’t work out.

    Now I put a very long time (60 seconds) for changing images, so basically I put it in a “manual mode”, to avoid this inconvenient as a temporal solution. If you want to test it just change the images manually and you will notice the text move up and down.

    Some images move the text more than others, I don’t know why, because all of them are exactly the same size.

    Thank you,


    Satish Gandham

    Why not just use one of the short-code sliders bundled with swift?


    Pablo Mandado

    The way it displays the image when stretched doesn’t fit what I am trying to achieve here.

    This would be with the “gallery_window_width_slider” tag.

    I don’t want the image to crop, but to stretch.

    If I use the normal slider bundled with swift it doesn’t stretch for bigger screen resolutions, but it looks good when it is smaller.

    The slider from SiteOrigin looks more like what I am trying to achieve:

    But I have that problem with it.

    About the sliders bundled with swift, what are the different attributes I can put to the slider? Because it is not very clear in the documentation.

    I don’t understand the how to set up the “bookmark, tall, middle” styles.

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