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    James B

    I think this may be a bug and I’m hoping someone can confirm. I’ve noticed when working with several different sites (at least in magazine – hybrid layout) that the header logo image doesn’t resize correctly and looks squished if I use only one menu.

    For example:
    If I use only the “above logo menu” with no menu below the logo I’ll see the following problem. When you resize a browser window or view the site in portrait mode on a mobile device, the header logo image doesn’t resize correctly. It seems to get squished like only one dimension is getting resized. However if I add something to a menu in the below logo position the behavior stops and it seems to fix things.

    I’ve noticed this on at least 2 sites using the magazine – hybrid layout with left or right sidebar and “solid” style navigation menus. I haven’t really tested it with other layouts or navigation menus so I can’t say for sure.

    I simply work around the issue when I encounter it by making sure I have something in the “below” logo menu spot, but there are a couple instances where I’d like to use only a top “above logo” menu for a cleaner look.

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    James B

    The latest instance where I encountered this was with a header image 400px wide by 187px high. Is there an “ideal” header image size to use with Swift 7.2.66 when using the solid/bordered navigation layouts?


    Satish Gandham

    You have option to add separate logos for mobile and desktops.

    But, it has to looks reasonably good even without the mobile logo set, will look into it.

    Can you please share screenshots if possible.

    Sorry for the delay, I mistook it for the other question of yours which I answered.

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