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    James B

    I think I’ve discovered a bug within Swift Premium version 7.2.68. It appears if I’m using the magazine blog layout and if I select “content width” slider for the homepage featured post slider it causes blurry pixelated featured images for the posts on the homepage. This is only evident in PORTRAIT MODE on a mobile device.

    I’ve battled pixelated featured image issues with the theme on mobile devices before and it was resolved on other sites simply by installing W3TC and enabling user agents. Unfortunately now it appears this only solves the issue if I’m running full width slider. Of course, on many sites I want or need to run content width slider.

    I know W3TC helps because if I disable the plugin entirely I see pixelated featured images on homepage featured posts regardless of slider width settings. It doesn’t matter if I run content width or full width. I see the pixelation in both cases on phones and smaller mobile devices in portrait mode with W3TC deactivated or uninstalled.

    If I enable W3TC for the user agent caching functions the pixelation issue is resolved but only with full width featured post slider active. If I switch to content width it breaks things and the pixelated images return.

    I’ve verified this is happening in multiple sites running hybrid layout type with magazine blog and magazine archive layout. I thought it was random before but I’ve got it narrowed down and can recreate it. If I enable content width for the slider I see pixelated featured images for all the posts displayed on the homepage. (Again this is seen on mobile devices held vertically in portrait mode) When I enable “full width” for the featured post slider and clear caches it goes away and I see clear unpixelated featured images. If I re-enable “content width” slider and clear caches I get blurry pixelated images again for the featured images for all posts shown on the homepage.

    I’d love to know if someone could verify this issue for me and possibly suggest a solution so I can run W3TC with Magazine Layout and a content width slider.

    To help be as specific as possible so you might be able to replicate the issue here are the settings that seem to trigger this for me:

    1. Mobile Layout Enabled
    2. Hybrid layout type
    3. solid navigation
    4. Right sidebar
    5. Blog Layout = “Magazine”
    6. Archives Layout = “Magazine”
    7. Number of Columns = 2
    8. Display Excerpts in magazine layout = YES
    9. Masonry Disabled
    10. Height of magazine box content = 300
    11. Excerpts on homepage= YES
    12. Featured Posts slider = Yes
    13. W3TC Cache installed with minify set to Auto for now. User agents enabled.
    14. Number of posts shown on homepage. Doesn’t seem to matter. . . but on the affected sites I show anywhere from 10 to 20.

    Let me know if you need any more info and I’ll be happy to provide it.


    Satish Gandham

    Hi James,
    Thanks for the detailed report.
    Will look into it and get back to you.


    James B

    I’m starting to think this may have been a server related issue somehow!?

    I was having totally unrelated issues with PayPal payments not processing and updating correctly within Woocommerce and another ecommerce plugin due to PayPal’s new requirement for TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1. Since I required an update to the most current stable version of OpenSSL for proper and complete functioning of PayPal payment processing I had to convince my hosting company to move me on to a new server.

    I was migrated from a Linux server with ancient i686 architecture running PHP 5.5.29 and Apache 2.4.16 to a slightly less ancient X86_64-bit Linux server running PHP 5.6.18 and Apache 2.4.18.

    At any rate after the server migration and clearing all caches multiple times I’ve been unable to reproduce the aforementioned bug on any sites. Weird. If I’m able to reproduce again I’ll update but it appears the server migration may have “fixed” the issue.


    Satish Gandham

    Thanks for the update James.
    Glad the issue is resolved.

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