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    James B

    I’ve noticed the featured post thumbnail images don’t scale right in portrait /vertical mode on mobile devices and at certain browser window widths when you drag and resize the browser. The images appear normal on desktops/laptops or when using a mobile device in landscape mode.

    Switch to portrait/vertical mode or drag a browser window down and the images stretch out too wide and become pixelated.
    This appears evident on the swift themes demo blog as well: https://demos.swiftthemes.com/blog/

    I’ve verified this shouldn’t be a W3TC or other cache issue since it occurs with all caching disabled and all caches cleared.


    Satish Gandham

    Hi James,

    Swift serves different images for mobile and desktop. That doesn’t happen when you resize the browser window so you will see distorted images.

    For portrait vs landscape issue, add this to mobile css in design options -> user css.


    Will include this fix in the upcoming version.

    Satish Gandham


    Satish Gandham

    I think I know whats happening.
    Did you enable caching?
    In that case enable separate caches for mobile and desktop.

    In w3tc, goto user agents section and update settings. Swift will automatically set them for you.


    James B

    Adding the CSS indeed resolved the issue with the images not scaling correctly. They now don’t stretch out as they were doing before.

    Now I just have to figure out why they’re still pixelated and blurry. Something must be attempting to serve a smaller version of the image for some reason.

    I did have all caching disabled since I was actively making some changes to the site. I renabled W3TC with user agents setup and the issue with pixelated featured image thumbnails persists.


    Satish Gandham

    Will check tomorrow.


    James B

    I did find a temporary fix.

    I’m using square featured images with equal height and weight right now.

    If I go to Swift Options > Design Options > Thumbnail Sizes and manually set a Blog Thumbnail height and width of 300 or more it seems to resolve the issue.

    If I enter a dimensions less than 300, (200 px for example) and clear caches I see the pixelated blog featured image thumbnails come back. It appears at sizes under 300 px for some reason something is attempting to upscale blog featured post thumbnails beyond their set size for some reason. Not sure if that’s a theme issue or some change I’ve made along the line.

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