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    Jenny Bhatt

    Satish – sorry to bother again, but I’ve tried everything I can think of….

    I have some code in my User CSS to format the Archive/Category Page title to match the rest of my pages.

    Code in User CSS – > .archive-title {font-size:1.2em;font-weight:bold;padding:3px 0;margin:0;border-bottom:solid 1px #ff6a00}

    However, if you compare the 2 pages below, you’ll notice that the archive page (1st link) title has more white space at the top and is also slightly offset to the right. I’ve tried float, clear, margin – but nothing seems to have worked. Is there something else I’m missing?

    Archive/Category Page – >

    Normal Page – >



    Jenny Bhatt

    Can anyone help, please? Satish, sorry to be a pain, but I really just don’t know which file to fix this in…. Thanks so much.


    Jenny Bhatt

    CLOSED – I’m closing this issue as it’s not a biggie and I will be creating custom archive pages.


    Satish Gandham

    Usually, archive title+desc has a different background. So, it has 10px padding.

    Add this to user CSS, it should be taken care


    Jenny Bhatt

    Done. Thanks. Think it worked.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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