v7.2.5, The last time you will ever update manually

After a long wait, one click updates finally come to Swift. From now on you can get the updates as soon as we release them. There is a little python script that connects our git repo to the update server to deliver the updates as soon as we have them You will need license key to

About the new licenses and changes to members area

If you have an active license to Swift theme you would have an email saying invoice regenerated. First of all our apologies if you got multiple emails. We are introducing one click theme updates in Swift very soon, to get access to those updates you need the activation key and to generate the activation key

v7.2.4, Building business sites has never been this easy

Today we are very proud to announce the release a major update to Swift. This update is going to make building business sites a super easy, fast and fun task. Not just that, maintaining and updating it is also going to be very easy. We got this idea in October. After finalising what and how