[Update] v6.1.2 with some minor bug fixes

Just released v6.1.2 of Swift fixing some minor bugs and some new features. This update addresses the following issues.

  • Fixed duplicate content issue.
  • Added option to disable ads on individual posts.
  • Brought the CMS features to the posts as well.
  • Fixed the CSS to highlight current page link.
  • Fixed a bug in import/export options.
  • Fixed a problem with header and footer scripts.

If you can download the update from the members area, if you haven’t bought the theme yet check out our pricing page

One Reply to “[Update] v6.1.2 with some minor bug fixes”

  1. Hi, what do you mean by “Brought the CMS features to the posts as well.”? Does that mean we can now choose a layout option for posts and get rid of the sidebars if we choose, on certain posts?

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