[update] Version 5.74, a must have upgrade for all those using v5.69+

I fixed some minor bugs present in the earlier version and added thumbnail to full length posts. WPaddict.net tested 8 themes to find the fastest loading theme and confirmed that SWIFT is the fastest loading WordPress theme beating the popular premium themes. http://wpaddict.net/is-the-swift-theme-really-swift/ Demo Download An awesome customization of SWIFT I came across recently http://www.jennyonthespot.com/

My application for GSoC 2010

Problem Currently, if you want to move your WordPress install to a new host and keep the same domain, you only need to move all the files (WordPress Core, Themes, and Plugins), and then export/import the database. It’s pretty straight forward, but still more complex than many users are capable of. However, if you want

A complete guide to integrating wordpress and vBulletin

As your blog grows, you might want to build a community around it. If vBulletin is your choice, this guide is for you. Importing WordPress users to vBulletin 4.0 forum If there are lot of users already registered on your blog, It’s a good idea to start the forum with those users already registered on the forum. Unfortunately there

A common misconception about updating themes in wordpress

Usually updating a software means replacing the old files with the new ones, but there is a better way to do it when it comes to wordpress themes. The main advantage of following the procedure described in this post is you can quickly switch back to the old version of the theme if you find any problems with the new version or if it clashes with any plugins you are using.

Preview of SWIFT v3.0.0, need your feedback.

I’m currently working on SWIFT v3.0.0, you can check it in action at GeniusHackers.Com. I would like to have your valuable suggestions and feedback to make it the best. Let us together make premium quality themes available for free. Whats new in version 3.0.0 Cleaner code, customization will be more easy now. Featured post slide