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    Ok Thank you soo much! Well showing me everything did the trick I guess, but not like you’d expect! It was as simple as you said, however, I was using Google Chrome to test, and the cache was not “Really” Clearing. Seeing it in full just gave me the confidence that I had it correct the first time, and not go in so many directions.

    I had to exit the browser completely before it started working. No Ctrl-F5 or deleting the cache was going to work. Google Chrome must use a memory cache too, they why it was working for a bit and then quit on it’s own I guess.

    Much praise to Edelwater for the Great research and guide. We need to get together to talk about some customizations you were asking about now don’t we? I owe ya one!

    *Shout to Satish* I’d incorporate this in the next update for WPMU users out there too, this code is also a tad smaller, and may even be “Swifter”

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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