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    How can I translate Swift Theme? Is there a po file?



    Working on responsive layout at the moment, will release the pot files along with it.
    Should be out by Sunday.


    thanks for your answer satish. where will be the pot files? in the blog?


    hi swift,
    did you release the pot files? if you didn’t, can you please tell me where can i change the “You searched for: ” text in the breadcombs?


    :confused: up



    Included the pot file in v6.0.9.
    Do you know how to translate?


    I need a catalog so I don’t know then :(


    I suggestion for translators: the Codestyling Localization plugin allows one to translate from within WordPress itself, so there’s no need to use an external tool. Another solution I know about is Poedit, a desktop utility for Windows, Mac and Linux.

    By the way: I looked for the pot file in the v6.0.9 file but it wasn’t there. I used Codestyling to generate a new one for my language (pt_BR, Brazilian Portuguese) by scanning the directory contents, resulting in 412 translatable strings. However, since the end result has 3 text domains (‘default’ with 6 strings, ‘swiftthemes’ with 23 ones and ‘swift’ with the remaining 383 ones), I’d like to suggest a small code cleanup to reduce it to a single text domain, let’s say, the ‘swift’ one. What do you think?

    In addition, I’d like to suggest changing the following strings in the source so as to make the translation less prone to mess with the HTML code:

    a) From “Reply” to “Reply” (i.e., leaving the surrounding HTML code outside the translatable string);
    b) The same for “Leave a reply“;
    c) Ditto for the ““, which can be split into its two textual components, “Posted on” and “by”, leaving the remaining as surrounding code.

    As well as:

    d) Removing the non-translatable ones: “1”, “%”, “0”, “»”, “«” and “…”;
    e) Adding a comment to the date-format ones so that translators know they’ve special meaning: “g:i a”, “i”, “g a”, “F jS, Y”, “W” and “Y”;
    f) And, if possible, hard-coding the space at the end of “, “, “From: ” and “Reply-To: “.

    I hope this helps!


    Thank you very much Alex. Codestyling really helped. But i can’t find “Search for “x” ” text anywhere. Do you know where it is? This is the text in the breadcombs.


    how can i translate “home” and “you searched for ” text in the breadcomb?


    Sergio Robuschi

    I’m trying to translate it into Spanish, and although I add translations on .po file for “posted on” and “filed under”, the changes are not reflected, and I can´t find which files to make those changes manually.



    satish doesn’t care…



    You can find it in lib/fucntions/display.php

    Sorry man, I’m in a difficult phase where everything seems to be falling apart.

    @Alex, thank you. If you did not respond to this thread today I would have mailed you.


    @kor17 6594 wrote:

    how can i translate “home” and “you searched for ” text in the breadcomb?

    i have some questions, too :/



    tell me what you need..

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