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    I have enabled the featured post slider option and used the large image and also checked the ‘Enable Thumbnail in sliders’ and ‘Enable Thumbnails on home page’ but i don’t see the images showing up in the slider..

    Also i my widgets on the right hand side appear immediately to the right of the posts and they look awkward..How do i let the widgets appear to the extreme right and not beside the posts..

    Also i followed the procedure to set up the background image..But i didn’t get the result that i wanted..If you see the widgets background is white which is looking out of place..

    I tried setting up the menus but i fail to understand how do i get second level menus..All i can do is have top level menus right now..



    Hi aditalks

    For to display pictures (thumbnails) in your slider, you need to add in your posts a “featured image” located in the menu tabs of your post (at the right side). For the rest, we need more info. (It’s hard to imagine your website ! The best is to let us you link to see what is the problem.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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