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Thread: "Home" on Nav Bar has "permanent" hover color

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    "Home" on Nav Bar has "permanent" hover color

    Well - I just updated to 5.72 so that the ads would work and was also hoping the magazine boxes were aligned again (they weren't).

    Now the hover color on "Home" on the top nav bar is permanent. I have tried deleting history. I ONLY use Firefox now. All my bookmarks are in Firefox now so I don't even open IE.

    Here is a screenshot - the "Testing, Testing" is just me testing if the ad area below the nav bar saves now. It does but I will reactivate 5.7 so I don't have a permanent hover color and can still keep the hover color.

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    Also - didn't notice this until just now (for 5.72) -

    1. I have "Skip posts shown in the slider from WordPress loop" enabled and those posts both show under the slider and are FULL - NOT excerpts.

    2. As stated above - I have "Display excerpts on home page" checked. The posts that are in the slider show full with all of the excerpts under that.

    Sorry - this would be way too large to do a screen shot. I don't want to keep all of these bugs on my site until you look at it - I'm changing back now.


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    I just switched back from theme 5.72 to 5.7.
    The only thing that I changed when I switched to 5.72 (about 20 min. ago!?!?) was:
    1. Switched to magazine style on home page to see if aligned and then switched back to blog style
    2. Enabled ad under bottom nav bar and put the words "Testing, Testing" there. I have now removed.

    I have deleted the history again and "Home" on the nav bar is still the orange HOVER color without hovering! I am going to make the hover the same as the nav bar color so it doesn't show. UGH!


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    in v5.72 current link is highlighted
    if you dont like it add this code to custom CSS
    .navigation li.current-menu-item a{color:#000;background:#f2f2f2}
    read this
    For those who don’t like the alignment of magazine boxes by Masonry script in SWIFT v5.70 and above.

    2. As stated above - I have "Display excerpts on home page" checked. The posts that are in the slider show full with all of the excerpts under that.
    set the number of full length posts to ZERO

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    Download a fresh copy of the 5.72, I updated it without changing the version number

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