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Thread: Navigation Bar BUG

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    Navigation Bar BUG

    I just upgraded to the new version, and there are now errors on my navigation bar you can view here: Terrors of Men*|*Home of Morgue and the Intern Project

    In this new version it is now adding "" before every link, it never did that before. So instead of my url being "" it is now "\"

    How can I fix this? It is doing it to my image urls as well, so my Social networking buttons are not appearing.

    Please help!

    Thank you!

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    I dont see a problem.

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    Ok I guess I did not have the latest version... trying out the new one now...
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    Ok thankfully that fixed the problem!

    However the update caused my Single Page ads to dissapear! No matter what I do I can't get them back. Side bar, Nav bar and Header work fine but the Single Posts ads have gone. Any idea what I can do to get them back? All the apporpriate boxes and settings are selected.

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    there are no bugs in admanagement in v5.72, check the source code of your page if the add code is added, and try again.

    PS: If you are asking a question not related to the original thread, create a new thread.

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