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Thread: Custom Logo

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    The custom logo I loaded is displaying on the About page, but not Home. How do I get it to display throughout?

    How do I change the colour of the area around the perimeter of the page (and also behind the custom logo)?

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    I can see your logo on every page of your site.

    Refresh your home page.

    Check the colour options

    body background for perimeter

    and header background for header.

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    Thank you,

    It actually spontaneously started working immediately after I posted. Is the size of the custom logo limited? I tried to load a version that's 150 pixels high, but it doesn't display that size.

    Also, since installing the custom logo, the slider has suddenly become empty.

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    Again I dont see any problem in your blog.

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    Satish, I have a small problem with custom color on the header.

    I have my current header colour because I toggled it at Design Options >Colour Options >Header Colour

    Now I'm trying to change the Header Colour but this time it wouldn't work. Thought that maybe it was browser cache but I used other computer/browser and it's the same. (

    However, Swift Options >Header Settings >Upload Logo effect is very immediate.

    Please shed some light. Thanks!


    My Blog:

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