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Thread: Swift v5.43 showig some problems on my blog

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    Swift v5.43 showig some problems on my blog

    I am using swift theme v5.43 for blog I am facing some problems and want to solve them.
    1) I have selected blog page style layout for homepage as well as archives pages. But the posts on homepage are not showing as in category or tag archive pages.

    2) I tried to change background color of slider, link color of author info on single post page. Although the changed color code shows on the design option color page but the color change does not reflect on the blog.

    3)Thumbnail in the slider is not resizing properly. The border of a post thumbnail has been cropped and hence thumbnail is not looking nice.

    4) Is it possible to set the size of thumbnail to square instead of rectangle?

    5) I want to reduce just the size of post title?

    I tried v5.50, v5.68 and v5.70 but in them posts are not showing on homepage, navigation bars not showing.

    So I prefer v5.43. How to rectify the about queries?

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    I would suggest upgrading to v5.70. The reason the nav bars are not showing is because Satish changed the way nav bars work in a recent version and they are now based on the Wordpress built in Menus. Very easy to configure and 5.7 solves a lot of previous problems.

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    Thankyou lindsayblogs. I have changed to v5.71 and successfully added navigation bar with wp menus.
    I have added thumbnails to my posts using feature images. But still some problems are there.
    On the homepage
    1)I have not selected the checkbox for "Skip posts shown in the slider from WordPress loop". So posts in slider should also show below slder on homepage but it is not so

    2) The post below the slider is just showing in a half table and not the full width of the content pane but it is showing properly on the tag and category archives pages. I have selected blog layout for both homepage and archive pages.

    3) In the slider if post title moves to next line the post image and post text move a bit into the slicer navigation

    4) I am not able to change font size of Filed under date, category, author links and text size on homepage for slider below posts and on single post pages.

    5)How to give border around lite slider

    How to set them?
    Thankyou Satish for this wonderful theme.

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    1. Thats a bug, it workig the other way. Will be taken care in the next version.
    2. Disable popular posts on home page.
    3. Nothing can be done about it. use the other slider.
    4. add this to custom CSS
    5 Add this to custom CSS
    #slides{border:solid 1px #069;width:578px!important;}

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    Thankyou for helping out Satish. 2 points still want solution

    1) I do not how I lost the rss links in the top navbar on the right side. They are not appearing. What to do?

    2)Is it possible to add a custom go button after the search box in header below navigation bar.How?

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    1. Check header options.
    2. This out of scope of this forum.

    You can hire me, if its important to you

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