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Thread: Article Categories goofed up BAD

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    Article Categories goofed up BAD

    In the "Swift Options" under "Header" in the "Select Categories" section:

    This was fine when I first installed it. Now it is a mess.

    Instead of each "article category" box being about 3/8" tall like the "Page Selection" boxes above they are now about 8" tall. The check boxes/tick boxes are all displaced. The first three check/tick boxes in each row are behind the edge of the 8" boxes so I can't see if they are "checked/ticked" or not. The last 2 in each row are to the right so I can see them. Even when I check those boxes (now) they don't stay checked after saving. Now my sub menu bar is goofed because when I went to add a new category and went to check/tick it all of them became unchecked and are no longer in my sub/lower menu bar.

    I just noticed that none of my "Select Pages" to be included in the navigation bar are checked anymore either. So - now when I go to add a couple more pages to the top navigation bar I suppose all of the ones I currently have in my top nav
    bar are going to "go away" also? (I am currently in the process of "building" my site.)

    Please help.

    I am a "newbie" at all of this and I know nothing about CSS, PHP, etc.

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    I'm also having the same problem. I've added a third category that I want included on my navbar, but it's very difficult to select due to the whacked formatting.
    I manage to select each of the categories I want by making the size of my browser window super-skinny, which stacks the check boxes on top of one another instead of tucking them behind eachother.
    The problem is, once I select the categories, "Click to save category selection" and then Save Changes, the third category isn't added to my nav bar.
    This is very frustrating, I'm looking foward to finding an answer!

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    I had the same problem until I downloaded v5.67. The version that installs by default when you find it on Wordpress is version 5.28 I believe.

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    Unfortunately, I don't know how to download a theme that I can't find within Wordpress (I'm very new at all of this).

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    Making my brower window "skinny" worked so that I could see the boxes to check/tick them. Unfortunately, as soon as I save they all get unticked and they don't save. I don't have any of my categories in my sub nav bar and I can't get them back.

    Also, All of the pages for my top nav bar are unchecked. My pages are still in my top nav bar but since I'm just "building" my site I have more to add still. I know I can't attempt to add them or I will lose what I do have there and will end up without
    anything in wither nav bar.

    Does anyone in this forum know if the Swift developer reads these forums and if so how long it takes to get things fixed?

    I can't even have an operational site at this point. I really like this theme and I don't want to change but the page nav bar, category nav bar and the issue with colors is driving me crazy.

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    Here is an image of what my "Select Categories" looks like. Narrowing the screen allows me to "see" the boxes but they won't stay ticked after saving.
    I don't have and can't put any categories into my sub nav bar.
    Also, the "Select Pages" looks fine but none of those are ticked and they won't save either.

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    Support to the older versions is not free.
    Here are the instructions on how to install a WordPress theme

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    btw, you should click "clock to save category selection" not save changes button

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    Thank you Satish! I will install the newer theme.

    And yes, I "clicked to save category changes" and after that I clicked "Save Changes".

    Nothing works. All of my pages & categories are unclicked even after saving.

    I will search for & update the theme first thing tomorrow. Thanks for the "instructions"!

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    Hi Satish,

    I installed 5.67 and now I don't have ANY place to make choices for pages or categories in the nav bars! The choices under "Header" are just these four: Custom Logo, Custom Search Code, Showw RSS Links, and Show Search Box. No Page & Categoy Selection Parts. I've looked through all the setting pages and don't see the settings anywhere. Did I do something wrong when I installed? I installed by uploading through Wordpress.

    My entire site is messed up too but I'm guessing that is because I have to resave all of my settings - I HOPE that's what it is.

    Thanks Satish!


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