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Thread: Couple Questions

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    I love your Swift theme but I have to be able to get support for the theme I choose so I can tweak it and work with it. I'm looking at some other paid themes now.

    If paying you for this theme would get me more dedicated support then let me know.

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    Yes, you can get paid support.

    Drop me a mail with the list of chnages you want in the theme and I will give you a quote.

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    The changes I want I've already mentioned in the support thread. Where do I find your email address?

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    You already asked these questions on mail, and you dont know my email address. Why are you so lazy to open your eyes and look around?

    If you can't find my eamil address, stop using SWIFT.

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    That's all it took. I'll go find a professional theme from a professional designer.


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    Good luck

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