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Thread: Magazine box make to 3 column

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    Magazine box make to 3 column

    hello, i'm new to your themes

    i just curious, i saw your demo sites, below the slider, the magazine box in 3 column, how to set that ?

    i can't find the setting to set mag box into 1, 2, or 3 column ?

    please help me,

    thanx , LORDI

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    Select magazine layout in design options and you will get 3 columns.

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    no, not that simple. if i checked the magazine option in design layout, i just have 2 box side by side, not 3, although i have 3 category

    how to solve the problem ?

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    post your blog url

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    this is my blog

    but i change into blog design, since its suitable and match , as you may see, it only show 2 column, when i change it to magazine style or blog style

    thanx for your reply

    regards, lordi

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