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Thread: 5 Questions - SLIDER / Hyperlink "read more" / Remove "Full Story"....

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    Talking 5 Questions - SLIDER / Hyperlink "read more" / Remove "Full Story"....

    Hi There,

    My Website :

    I am currently setting up a Social Networking Magazine...

    however I'm wanting to do 5 changes...

    1) Enlarge and change the slider /title inside the slider... e.g

    2) If you go onto my website , I want to hyperlink the "read more"..within the excerpts...

    3) Remove or Hide the "Full Story"

    4) Change the "Pages 1 - 9" to " Older Entries"

    5) In the magazine boxes - I'd prefer to have the category titles below the image rather than on the thumbnail.

    Hope you can help !!!

    GnG Magazine

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    1) i think this is not the slider included in swift theme. i could be wrong though. there are many plug-in sliders, try some
    2)dont understand, but it should be linked with the actual post ...
    3)you already did it, or i can't find full story
    4)i think this cannot be done, or better, i dont know how its done
    5) in style.css span.catname play with margins to achive the desired position. or maybe change position:; to relative

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