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Thread: Magazine Thumbnail Problem (again)

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    Magazine Thumbnail Problem (again)

    Hi there...yet another person having problems getting the magazine display on the front page to show the thumbnails.

    The site is posted for testing at

    I believe I have made the correct cache folder writable.

    The test post for this is, Another Sample Post. On the homepage this is displaying as the first magazine post on the left.

    Any advice is welcome!!!

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    SWIFT dint pick up the image from the content, add it manually in the custom fields.

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    That has fixed it. I changed the value in the custom field from false to true. Many thanks Satish!

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    Hi EmilyC15,

    I also have the same problem, thumbnails don't appear on the front page. Can you tell me how to change the custom field value from false to true? Thanks.
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