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Thread: Footer Hover color

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    Footer Hover color

    Using v.5.14 on

    Having trouble with the footer, specifically the hover color. when you hover over a specific link, the hover color is same in the text as in the hover color change of the background. Is there some css that is missing, or a color option for the footer that can be added to differentiate the background from the text being hovered over?


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    Hi pr3tard,

    I think you have to change the" Design options -> Footer options -> Widget Link Hover Color" to something like FFFFFF.

    Greetings, Samuel

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    Changing the Widget Link Hover Color in the Footer options to whatever color results in the background hover as well as the link hover colors to become the same. So what happens is the link text simply disappears as you hover over the text, as it becomes the same color as the background hover color. There doesn't seem to be anything to differentiate the hover color of both the background as well as the link text in the footer widgets.

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    Yes, I was on your site and saw the problem.

    @Satish: is there a solution for the problem?

    Thanks and greetings.

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    @Satish: I haven't been able to get to the bottom of why the hover background color is coming up the same as the hover for the links in the footer. I am so happy to be using the swift template, but this is driving me crazy. Please offer assistance.

    again the URL is

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    I am having a problem. I have change the hover color for the footer. No matter what I do it is always orange...
    I have change the css, and the foot files...still orange

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    OK, I went into the custom css in the Design Options and placed this code there, and it appears to have solved this issue for me:

    #footer-container #footer a:hover{color:#4b6c7c}

    @kelley, this might help your problems as well, just change the color number to whatever color you like.

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    pr3, I will try it!

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    OK, finally found it~! It is in the stylesheet under copyright:


    #copyright a:hover{color:#f60}

    Finally after so long, and the orange was not very cool!

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