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Thread: cannot change colors and fonts Swift 5.1x

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    cannot change colors and fonts Swift 5.1x

    This is my first post. Still I am a novice to WP blog and Swift themes. I just downloaded Swift 5.19 theme and tried to change font face to "Arial" and tried to change the color schema and tried to add a background image as well. But in Swift control panel it shows that settings save but when I refresh the page no change was applied. Not only Swift 5.19 but also 5.18 and 4.x themes also. (I tried other old themes as well) What should I do? (not using custom CSS, I need by using Design options>colors / design options>fonts)
    please help. thanks.

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    Using Swift 5.19 and WordPress 2.8.6

    Can't get font or color changes to apply. Colors show up in the Design Options area okay, but on the change. "Enable custom colors" box is checked.

    I thought it was just me, so I'm glad to get another report of this.

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    This is the same problem that I am facing since the day that I installed the theme. Really very nice theme apart from this issue.

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    get the latest version of the theme and try changing the colours in a different browser.

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