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Thread: Custom Category Headers

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    Custom Category Headers

    Is it possible to create a custom header for posts... i dont mean the actual header but like a sub header as seen at this link:

    I'm referrring to the disease and conditions header in the actual body, under the main blisstree header...

    Any instruction or guidance is greatly appreciated!


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    It looks like on that site by their source code, the first navigation bar is their pages and sub-pages, and the bar underneath that is the categories and subcategories. Just to be clear for anyone who comes in to help...are you saying instead of having the navigation above and below the header image in Swift as it is now, you'd like them both navigation bars beneath the header image?

    I'm thinking that's possible by moving the some of the header code around, but Satish will need to instruct you on exactly how to do that.

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    no im not referring to having both bars underneath the header... im referring to the lil custom box right above the actual post...
    to explain... please visit my website, go to the about page by using the top nav bar link... you see where it has the About title in the post... im wondering if theres a way to make a custom About header box to go in that spot... this ? has nothing to do with the actual header... i want to keep that there...

    so in the example.... im referring to the custom disease and conditions box at the top of the post content, see how theres two separate boxes... one for the post and one for the custom heade (not the main header) this is the image location to better explain....

    so is there a way to do this in the swift theme or is this a future update idea?

    in this example

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    @Dawn, I think he wants a custom header on categories page. Not on posts.
    Goto swift/categories.php and uncomment this line
    PHP Code:
     //echo category_description( $category ); 
    Now go categories page on wordpress and add your header in the category description.
    HTML Code:
     <img src="yourimageurl" />

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    Cool Plugin might do the trick

    I would check for a plugin to do that.
    It looks like a simple include before post fetch image type plugin (Similar to the multitude of plugins that insert either ads or share links) would do the trick. If not, maybe I could make the plugin if there isn't one.

    I'll go check if there is...


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    AH yes sorry...I got what you mean now and actually that's a cool idea. :0)

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    I have tried this and nothing changes... by uncomment, you mean take the value out of the ( )?

    category.php code now looks like this..

    <?php get_header();?>

    <div id="content" class="grid_10">

    //echo category_description();

    if(get_option('swift_archives_magzine')=="magzine" )
    blogloop(get_option('swift_archive_excerpts_enable '),get_option('swift_thumbs_disable'),0);

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    then in the category description bow i enter my url with ...

    <img src="yourimageurl" />

    obviously replacing my img url...

    but nothing changes...????

    Any input?


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    HI I am not able to make my own category? can anyone help?

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    hi satish i have just joined and it wont let me start my own thread keeps redirecting to login page im having some troubles on swift theme options not showing in my admin interface and I dont mind havng to donate to get some help?

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