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Thread: Website Showcase - Swift Powered

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    Hi All & Satish,

    I Love Your theme & the level of customizations it provides to the user, & the Lovely User Interface.

    I am a Start-up Blogger & we would Surely sit for a Coffee One Day

    As of Now i thought that there are many people who use your theme, & i was looking for some but could not get my hands on many for some improvisation.

    So Today i Start This Thread To showcase Swifter Websites

    All Swiftlers. Post Your Website Here



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    Hello Saurabh,

    Awesome customization.

    Clean and clutter free.

    I really like the slim header.

    this line looks odd "Powered by Wordpress And Satish "

    Make it "Powered by Wordpress And SWIFT"

    FYI: I added pagenav support in the latest version of SWIFT.

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    I did not do much customization!
    Last edited by edelwater; 01-24-2011 at 04:11 AM.

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    I modified the width, background, a few colors, the thumbnails, and added category headers.

    I'm tossed up about the forum though, It's MIA.

    I hate forum software, they are usually very insecure.

    I have more plans too...

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    Anyone know how to make the featured posts and images on the homepage clickable to their respective post/page url

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    they are already clickable, please use appropriate section for posting your queries.

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