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Thread: Post font size

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    The code to increase the font size in posts did not work.

    I used the code I found in an earlier forum post:


    I put it into css custom and checked the box and saved changes. I even tried with 14px, using px instead of em.

    As it is, the print is too hard for lengthy reading. It needs to be larger print.


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    try this


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    Thanks. I got it to work.

    Also, I would like all posts to display in Times New Roman. I did a little with the code but did not have any luck.

    would it be the same principal as the font size?


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    Hold on your customizations till the release of v5.0

    I will release it this week.

    Architecture of v5.0 will be entirely different from the current version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satish View Post
    try this

    I am using this code in custom CSS{font-size:2em} to change the font size of titles. It is not working at all, I have entered so many sizes.
    Please help!

    EDIT: I am using v5.28

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    you did not add em after the number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satish View Post
    you did not add em after the number.
    I have entered but there is no effect on the font size of the title.

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    try this,{font-size:2em}

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