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Thread: Meta-robots Nofollow in Comments section

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    Lightbulb Meta-robots Nofollow in Comments section

    Hi Satish,

    I observed many "Meta-robots Nofollow" issues in a SEO report for one of the websites that make use of Swift theme.

    The Meta-robots Nofollow is set to the "Reply" button URL in the Comments section(default WP comments). When i searched regarding that, i found these URL's

    I am not that technical to read the complete report and come to a conclusion. But i can see this which worries me

    In brief, the reasons are that these are not external links that we want to tell search engines not to follow in the first place, and there is actually an SEO penalty from adding the "nofollow" to internal links.
    I bet that you would have considered these before implementing them. Could you please give your opinion on this ?

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    Hello Satish

    Ding Dong Ding Dong

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    You probably might be using a older version of WordPress, swift doesn't change the reply links behavior.

    Swift doesn't set any links to nofollow except our credit link in the footer.

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