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Thread: HELP! EMERGENCY! Blog is down

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    HELP! EMERGENCY! Blog is down

    Everything was working fine last night, and I didn't do anything to my blog other than update a couple posts (no new plugins or anything like that).

    Now, I am getting an error message stating "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/creature/public_html/ on line 2072"

    According to my file manager in Cpanel, the Functions.php file was last modified at 3:00am this morning.

    EEEEKKKK! What do I do?

    Satish-If you need login information for my blog, please e-mail me at

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    May be you tried wordpress update options.
    Reinstalling wordpress should fix the problem. If you need help, I can do it for 75$

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    Yes, I need your help. I tried re installing word press myself, but I am not making any progress. How do we start this process?

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    I have MOSTLY fixed the no need for additional assistance.

    I am still having one issue that I was wondering if you had any ideas about...the categories for my pullown menus aren't working. When I use the pulldown menu at, the menu item only loads the home page (not toe posts of the specified category.)

    Any ideas?

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