Greetings and Happy 4th of July to those that are in the USA.

OK. I am not an expert on why and when Pages or Posts. However, on over on the side bar I have, for example, Fresh Water Boating with other related pages to the topic listed under FWB. Is there a way to get Posts listed under FWB? Or can it only be pages? If so, what is the logic in this that I am missing?

I guess, for some unknown and perhaps unreasonable idea, I look at a page as the main and posts as subs under pages.

Also, how do I get posts to show up at the end of a page? Ex. Potholes is a blog start page. I was under the impression that people did blogs as posts. So, how do I get posts to show up at the bottom of the page in order or date or my own choosing?

There are some themes that do 'Page with Posts'. I guess that is what I am looking for? What am I missing?

I have to be missing something because I am having trouble finding out how to get Post titles/links to appear on the right side bar.

Thanks all!
Peace and Blessings