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Thread: Slider disappeared and other errors

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    Unhappy Slider disappeared and other errors

    Hi Satish,
    We have your payment 6.2 Swift version, but in this month we had several problems with the site At first RSS and comments started not to work and our provider says it's Swift fault! We deleted the theme and then reinstalled, but the problem is still there.
    Then we had a fatal error when posting new posts, and we could fix it only deactivating some plugins, but after that the slider disappeared as you can see now.
    I've tried to reactivate some of them concerning images, but the slider didn't start working.
    Can you tell me what to do?
    Plugins still inactive are: 7feeds ticker, Amazing tube player, Announcement and vertical scroll news, auto delete posts, better delete revision, breadcrumb trail, collapsible elements, downloads manager, facebook share, my youtube playlist, post video players, slideshow albums, photogalleries and music (cincopa), recent category post widget, related post slider, rss in page, si captcha, simple google botton, smart youtube video, widget changer, wordpress moble edition, wordpress video gallery, wp download manager, wp-polls, wp popular post tools, wp super cache, wp tweet botton.
    Most of them never have been activated, but actually I can't understand which one could be essential for the slider.
    Could you help me? TNX CESCA

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    Deactivate all plugins,
    activate one by one and check whcih plugin is causing the problem.

    I'm guessing one of these plugins is causing the problem.
    wordpress video gallery
    7feeds ticker, Amazing tube player, Announcement and vertical scroll news
    slideshow albums

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    These ones are all deactivated. I can't find which one to reactivate to make the slider work.

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    Plugins reactivated: the slider still doesn't work

    I activated all the plugins but the slider doesn't work anymore.
    What else can I do?

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    send me your wp login, i will look in to the problem

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    Sent! Tnx Cesca

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    Thank you Satish, what was the problem? So next time I can avoid to do the same error.

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    Have you any ideas why comments still don't work?

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    you are using lot of plugins, many of them poorly coded.
    You are using hundreds of queries for every page load.

    Debugging this is beyond the scope of the support included with the theme.

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