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Thread: Reg : Width of Sidebar Widgets

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    Reg : Width of Sidebar Widgets

    Hi Satish,
    Website URL: .
    I have uploaded two images (they are in standard ad sense banner size) in the right side bar (just below tab). Both of the images are protruding from the sidebar. Moreover, I need the frame surrounding the images to be removed.
    Kindly provide me the optimal size for the sidebar widget images also.


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    220px wide
    use text widget without padding and borders.

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    Its working now . Thank you Sathish.

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    But, what will happen when i insert an Ad-sense code(300 x 250)? Will the ad-sense display auto adjust itself?

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    it wont, it will flow out.

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    So is there a solution for this ?

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    use a smaller ad.

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    Is that impossible at all (or) possible if i hire some one for it?

    BTW There is another un-answered Question over here.

    Please go through it.

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