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Thread: 6.1.6 Problems

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    6.1.6 Problems

    Just activated 6.1.6 and have several problems. First, I activated then deactivated the import options plugin. Then I renamed the old swift folder. Then I uploaded and activated 6.1.6. Here are the problems I've found so far:

    The header background has extended into the top menu and both top and bottom menus have lost their background colors.

    The homepage background has been lost and is now white.

    The site experiencing these problems is:

    The site should look like this:

    I also tried reverting to the renamed swift previous version but upon previewing noticed all kinds of it doesn't seem like I can switch back seemlessly.
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    go to color options and check if the checkbox on each block is checked.

    If you are still having problems, send me your wp login.

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    That fixed the button colors on the bottom navigation menu but not the top menu. Nor did it fix the bg color of both menus...both are still wrong. It also fixed the bgcolor of the page. But the header bg image is still extending into the top menu. I'll contact you with wp login.

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    6.1.7 has fixed the above problems but I've found a new one. On my category/archive pages I notice the word "array" between each post where the author name and date should be:

    Update: OK, I fixed this problem by going into Swift Options-Homepage Settings and changing the text "array" to "Published by" and added 'author' and 'date' variables. I tried to put another text variable with the word "on" before the 'date' variable but for some reason it disappears after I save the options. I would like for this 'array' to read Published by 'author' On 'date' but I can't get the second text variable to stick.
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    when you add a text, just drag tag/author/category and remove it.
    This action triggers the saving of the text.

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