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Thread: Problems with YAARP settings

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    Problems with YAARP settings

    I have set my YAARP settings multiple times (particularly the ones under "Relatedness Options") and each time, the settings reset themselves later on.

    If there something in the theme that is overriding the settings that I am putting in? Unless these settings stay the way that I put them, YAARP doesn't work for me (no related posts show up unless the settings stay set.)


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    Swift doesn't do anything to YARPP settings, it just provides a template for it.
    If related posts are not showing up, click the scree options link on top
    check relatedness options and reduce the threshold

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    Yes, I keep doing that, but the settings are not staying. I will perhaps look to the person who made YAARP for technical support, as it sounds like it might be a problem on that end. Thanks.

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    I am still having problems with YAARP. Related posts never show up because the relatedness settings and the settings for the custom template don't stay set. Each day, the settings return to the default and if I don't change it back, nothing shows up in my related posts box on my blog.

    YARRP has no technical suppport. I tried to post the issue on the message board that the YARRP website referred me to for support, but I have not gotten a response.

    If I cannot get this fixed, I will have to use a different related posts plugin. How can I take out the related post box? Can I remove something from the code so that it won't show up anymore? It does me no good if it is empty all the time.

    If you are going to include a plugin as an integrated part of your theme, you should make sure that there is technical support available for any problems that arise. I am a little frustrated with the situation. I wish that it was working for me, but if it isn't, I need to find a different solution.


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    That plugin is not an integrated part of the theme.
    If you disable the plugin that box goes away.

    Support to plugins was not part what you purchased.

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