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Thread: Paid or free version

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    How can I tell if I've got the Personal version? I have no control of the layout, specifically, I can't select centered layout. None of the choices on the layout options page seem to have any effect. I've downloaded the theme several times and get the same thing.

    Also, while the header, menus, and under bottom nav ad seem to be OK, the body has only a column of 1 or 2 characters down the left side. Need some help, please.

    Other themes, including swift 5.74, are behaving properly.


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    Something mystical happened - the body is now showing correctly. However, still can't change layout.


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    there is only one swift, paid one.
    Free version is called "Swift Basic"

    Post your blog url

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    I don't have the site live it's on my local server. Trying to get a layout like I have on which is using 5.74.


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    send me your wordpress and ftp login.

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