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Thread: Warning on new install

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    Unhappy Warning on new install

    Satish and fellow Swiftlers:
    So I just installed a the Swift premium theme-- this is a new site, so I have 0 content on there. I wanted to see what the new layouts, etc are. However I get a warning on on doing a save without any changes really. The warning received is:
    Warning: Division by zero in /hermes/web05/b9/moo.discoveringserendipi/discSerendipity/gastronomy/wp-content/themes/swift/lib/admin/create-styles.php on line 37

    Warning: Division by zero in /hermes/web05/b9/moo.discoveringserendipi/discSerendipity/gastronomy/wp-content/themes/swift/lib/admin/create-styles.php on line 53

    Furthermore, the page appears all wacky:

    Any ideas?

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    reset design options.

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    Worked, thanks Satish! Any reason that happened?

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    default options were not set on theme activation.

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    OK, I'm having major problems here. I tried to install the update but said swift already existed. So I renamed the swift folder and tried again. This time worked but I got the "division by zero" errors mentioned in this thread. Also noticed my logo was gone and layout was all screwed up. So I deleted the update and returned to the original swift by renaming it back to "swift". This solved nothing and my site was still all screwed up. So I found this thread and followed the instructions and reset the design options. Now my site is even worse screwed up....all modifications gone-- colors, logos, etc etc.

    Here's the site:

    It should look like this site:

    Honestly, I really think you need to go back to the old way of updates where the update created a new theme folder with new name instead of naming every update "swift." I never had problems with the old system but it seems every time I have to delete the swift folder in order to install a new update I get all kinds of problems that takes hours to resolve.

    How do I fix the current problem with the least amount of work?
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    I recommended reset to Lasith because it was a new site
    1. Switch to 6.0.9 on
    2. Import design options from
    3. follow this

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    just uploaded v6.1.5, use it, not 6.1.4

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    OK, so I tried installing 6.1.4 on another website ( ) and once again it completely screwed up the entire site. First I renamed the "swift" folder then I uploaded 6.1.4 and activated it. when I viewed my website the homepage was completely screwed up and the logo was missing from the header, etc. I then decided to upload 6.1.5 (after once again renaming the "swift" folder) and the site is still screwed up. I then went into the swift options page and clicked "save" and the page got even more screwed up.

    Here are the error messages I get on the swift options page:

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/lostworl/public_html/ on line 37

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/lostworl/public_html/ on line 53

    I did get my previous site ( ) fixed and reverted back to 6.0.9. Not sure if I'm going to risk upgrading back to 6.1 until you come up with an easier upgrade process.
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    follow this procedure if you are upgrading from 6.0.[1-9] to 6.1.0+

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    What a mess trying to upgrade has made. I followed all the instructions with no success. Having to re-build it all.

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