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Thread: Google maps widget

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    Google maps widget

    I want to use a Google Maps route plugin, but Iīm having some troubles with it. Plugin link
    It isnīt functioning as it should. I know I should try to contact the developer, I did, but no response yet. Maybe you know this.
    The problem is that the route shows up but not the map. I had this before in the Twenty Eleven theme, then the solution was to comment the code below out. I searched but didnīt find it in the Swift themeīs CSS. Does the code below tell you anything about what I could do to make this work with this theme?

    .entry-content img, .comment-content img, .widget img {
    max-width: 97.5%;

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    install the plugin, and show me the page with problem

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    Ah, sorry forgot the link.

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    add this user css

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    Doesn't work. Any other thoughts?

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    use this

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    Thats it! Great. Thanks again.

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