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Thread: Problems with "Custom CSS"

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    Problems with "Custom CSS"

    After the update, I saw a new field appear in my post editing screen for entering custom CSS for each page. I do not know if this was a part of the Swift theme upgrade or the Wordpress upgrade that I recently installed.

    When I enter anything here, it works when I preview the post, but when I go to save it, the CSS disappears.

    Is this a glitch, or is it something that I am doing wrong?


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    Will check it and let you know

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    Any thoughts...

    Her is a screen shot of the Custom CSS field that I am seeing just below my post in the editing screen. I am not sure if this was a part of the new wordpress update, or a part of the theme update, as I did both at close to the same time.

    At any rate, it isn't working. Any ideas?
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    its fixed in v6.1.4

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