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Thread: Background color of my posts is the wrapper color, not the content color?

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    Background color of my posts is the wrapper color, not the content color?

    Hi -- I just bought and downloaded the theme today, so it's gotta be the newest one. I'm currently working on it for an existing site of mine, but I imported the xml file from the existing site so I can learn...

    My test site is at

    And my question has to do with colors. I'm in design options > color options, and I put in C7EDCF, a light green, for the wrapper background -- expecting that the next setting, content and sidebar background, would give me a white background behind the content of my posts.

    Nope, even though I have content and sidebar set at ffffff and it's working of the sidebar stuff. Here's a sample page with the green background:

    What to do?

    Thanks in advance!
    Zana Hart
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    Your wrapper and sidebar background are the same colors.

    If you want to set the content background, add this to user css

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    Thank you, Satish! I know just enough CSS to be dangerous but the instant I looked at that, I said "Of course!"

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