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Thread: Header and Footer scripts not being inserted

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    Header and Footer scripts not being inserted

    I'm not sure when this started happening, but it has come to my attention that in the options when adding in Header and Footer scripts, they are not inserted in the website after being saved.

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    thats a bug, fixed in v6.1.1

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    Even after the upgrade and disabling all plugins, I can't get the header and footer scripts to generate. I've even deleted the js file in the swift-magic folder and resaved my settings. Is anyone else having this problem? I have two websites we have upgraded to 6.1.x and both are having this issue.

    Upon further inspection it is not inserting other things as well. The "Display Share Buttons" isn't working either.
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    Sorry, forgot to change another piece of code. uploaded v6.1.3, it should work now.

    I removed share buttons from the theme, this plugin does a better job then the one that was included in the theme.

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    Thanks, Satish. It's working now.

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