Hey Satish, I'm liking the new features of this version of Swift but there are some issues that need to be fixed ASAP:

1. The "Previous" and "Next" post links need to be corrected. They are incorrect html. They are showing rel"next" and rel"previous" instead of rel="next" and rel="previous"

2. Also, in the "Previous" and "Next" the title attribute looks like it is in single quotes and I believe they should be double quotes.

3. The addition of separate ad slots for the Responsive layout is great but it doesn't work properly. The old ad slots stay and it just ads in the responsive one. Also, I'm not sure I'm clear how the responsive ad slot is supposed to work. Do we put one ad unit in there and it is displayed in the 3 locations specified in your comment? If so, in future versions could you add in 3 separate slots so we can track individual ads?

4. This isn't imperative but it is a wonderful plugin to use. nRelate's Flyout is not compatible with this latest release. I've tried various settings to get it to work but when activated I get the white screen of death on post pages. It worked with 6.0.9

Thanks for the great work on this theme!