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Thread: Money Back

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    Money Back

    Hi, this theme is great and works great (I was having a problem a while back, but fixed it), but I have decided to use something else in a different way so I need to get my money back. Satish, I sent you an email yesterday requesting my money back but I haven't heard back from you, so I thought I would post this here in case you see this first.

    Thank you,
    Kathy Whatley

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    you will have it in two days

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    refund issued.

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    Refund Request

    Thought I would just go ahead and send my request in here since this one was here. I would also like a refund. I was hoping to use this setup, but there are issues I just can't seem to get around. One would be the slider that in another form was due on Monday, it is now wednesday. Missing a stated timeline also doesn't fly well for me. If its going to be a later date following up on the forum would be nice. Thanks.

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    You will have the refund in two days.
    New slider is already ready, we are testing it. You can see it in action here

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    The new slider looks great...can't wait! Will the additional sidebar widgets that I see in the demo that aren't available now be added with the update?

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    yup, tabs widget will be added in the update. It's almost ready, making the final checks.

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    refund issued.

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    I could not find the procedure to ask for money back anywhere this is why I am writing here. Could you please return my money.


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