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Thread: How to translate?

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    I'm trying to translate it into Spanish, and although I add translations on .po file for "posted on" and "filed under", the changes are not reflected, and I canīt find which files to make those changes manually.


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    satish doesn't care...

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    You can find it in lib/fucntions/display.php

    Sorry man, I'm in a difficult phase where everything seems to be falling apart.

    @Alex, thank you. If you did not respond to this thread today I would have mailed you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kor17 View Post
    how can i translate "home" and "you searched for " text in the breadcomb?
    i have some questions, too :/

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    tell me what you need..

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    I need to change the "Home" and "You searched for " text in the breadcomb.

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    they don't come from Swift.
    You should look in wordpress seo plugin files.

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    Thank you very much Satish! I've been waiting for this for a long time

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