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Thread: Move the "about" box to top, and "continue reading"

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    Move the "about" box to top, and "continue reading"

    1) I would like to attract more people to comment on the posts, by moving up the "about-the-author-box" to the top of the single posts.

    By doing this, the comment field would be directly at the post's bottom, and "about-the-other" would be glanced by everyone at the post's top, rather than forgot in its bottom.

    How can this box be moved to under the headline, let's say in the small space between the categories and the social media icons?

    2) There is an ugly black button saying "Continue reading" under each of the 10 post excerpts being displayed on my Home page. It's in wrong language and takes a lot of space. Can I get rid of this button?


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    Any way to do this; to move the author box and to take away the ugly black button? My site is getting some attention in my country for the moment and I want to slim it a bit as soon as possible.

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    1. Moving author bio to the top will hurt your search rankings.
    2. Add this to user CSS

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    I got it to disappear by this css:{display:none}

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