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Thread: successful singing site for all your singing needs

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    successful singing site for all your singing needs

    Hello swiftlers
    just wondered if this looked right. I have tried to make it a hybrid between singing tips, free resources and general singing nfo and as a on-line commerce site mainly selling backing tracks. still a few gremlins to sort when time allows.
    comments gratefully received especially the constructive criticism ones.
    A question though should there be thumbnails in the RH recent post widget (i have called it latest posts)

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    navigation doesnt look right.
    set the nav border to darker shade of blue, and set the link background to nav background.

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    Thanks Satish,
    I have changed it to your suggestions -I see what you mean, i think? I have changed the nav link separators too. You are so spot on with the nav bar! It has made it work well.
    thanks for looking at it I appreciate it.
    Last edited by vocalcoach; 01-20-2012 at 04:08 AM.

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