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Thread: Display Category Description.

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    Display Category Description.

    When a visitor clicks on a category link I would like the category description displayed using;

    <div><?php echo category_description(3); ?></div>

    I have a similar function working in the sidebar to just display the category title but would ideally like the description displayed above the category content.

    I have looked for the category.php file in editor but can not find it. I would appreciate some feedback as to which file I need to add the above code to make this happen.

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    Case closed. I was after a category.php but obviously couldn't locate this, after investigating a little further I found that the right template to include my code on was the index.php. Also had the wrong code above. The code I ended up using was
    <?php if (is_category()) { single_cat_title(); } ?> for the Category Title and <?php echo category_description( $category_id ); ?> for the description.

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    that's not the perfect way to do it, will tell you when I get back to office.

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